The motorcycle memorial ride for fallen comrades of the Bundeswehr and NATO partners, who have given the highest good, their lives, in full fulfillment of their duty.

MEMORIAL RUN BERLIN 2024 – 'The Motorcycle Memorial Ride for Fallen Comrades'. For three consecutive years, we had to cancel our Memorial Run Berlin due to the Corona COVID pandemic, but that has now ended. The first Memorial Run Berlin post-pandemic in 2023 was better than expected. We anticipated starting almost from scratch, but thanks to comrades from near and far for the great start in 2023, official numbers of motorcycles ranged between 300-400. We counted ourselves at the Bundeswehr's monument of honor; there were 306 motorcycles, including those of the Berlin Police.

As the American President so aptly said, 'The pandemic is over.

In the years 2020–2022, we had to make a decision, and even last year in January 2022, we had to decide what to do. Yes, in April and May 2022, the football stadiums were all full, or even now in September, the Oktoberfest in Munich opened again without restrictions.

Everyone who wants to participate is invited to join the 14th Memorial Run Berlin on May 11, 2024. All motorcyclists (with two, three, or four wheels) are warmly welcome. Whether active or former soldiers, with or without deployment experience, all veterans with and without deployment experience, all reservists, and especially all family members, friends, and supporters of this good cause.

We, the Recondo Vets MMC Germany, are actively inviting to this 14th motorcycle memorial ride, the Memorial Run Berlin.

Some of our members are still 'Active' and have already prepared for march and are just waiting for the GO.

live to spend it

Muerte Chief RVMMC

Preparations for the 14th Memorial Run Berlin (the original) in 2024 are already in full swing. We are working on new ideas and improvements to further enhance the experience for all participants. Our discussions and planning for the event are in full gear.

A significant update for all those interested: We have now secured a permanent venue in Jühnsdorf, at Pizza Musti and Bernard's Motorbike Service. This will be our meeting point for the coming years as well. Together with Musti, we are investing in the expansion of the campground to provide an even better experience for all of you. The following points are planned for 2024 or have already been implemented:

- Campground for tents

- Parking spaces for motorhomes, including electricity supply

- Cold showers starting in 2024

- Additional Dixi toilets

- Official smartphone charging facilities

- On-site waste separation

Last year, we noticed that some guests were using the facilities without contributing. We, the Recondo Vets MMC Germany, do not aim to make a profit with the Memorial Run Berlin – that is not our goal. However, we need to somehow manage the increased costs. For this reason, starting in 2024, we kindly request all campground visitors, regardless of their membership in the Recondo Vets MMC Germany, to make a symbolic contribution that goes directly into the Memorial Run fund. This helps us ensure the quality and sustainability of the event and continuously improve it.

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The fact that private individuals and companies provide funding for public purposes is an absolute blessing for many areas of life. Many things would be unimaginable without sponsorship. However, it's not always about the money; sponsorship can also consist of companies providing in-kind services. Therefore, we would like to simply say THANK YOU in this way!

20% Rabatt für Soldaten und Veteranen

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