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An Honorable Motorcycle Memorial Ride for Fallen Comrades

Help us make the 14th Memorial Run Berlin, a significant memorial ride in honor of fallen comrades, an unforgettable event. Organized by the Recondo Vets MMC Germany, we aim to make this event in 2025 bigger and more impressive than ever before.

The challenges of the pandemic have led to increased costs, and we need your support to cover necessary expenses such as technical equipment, catering, and security measures.

Although we cannot issue official donation receipts, we commit to appropriately and transparently acknowledging all supporters. Your contributions will be recognized at our event and on our Facebook page, while respecting your privacy.

The fundraising campaign runs from Mai 15, 2024, to Mai 24, 2025. We are proud to already have the Bund Deutscher EinsatzVeteranen e.V. and the Reservistenverband e.V. as supporters.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, contributes to making the Memorial Run a dignified and respectful event. Donate now and become a part of this honorable tradition.

The Memorial Run Berlin is more than just a motorcycle memorial ride. It is a deeply cherished tradition and a symbolic event that promotes camaraderie, respect, and remembrance, uniting the community of veterans, soldiers, and supporters.

Your donations will benefit the event 100% and help create and maintain a dignified infrastructure. Our goal is to raise at least €5,000 to partially cover the necessary expenses.

Every donation is a valuable support that contributes to the success of this important event and appropriately honors the memory of our fallen comrades.

That private individuals and companies provide money for public purposes is an absolute blessing for many aspects of life. Much would be unimaginable without sponsorship. However, it doesn't always have to be about money, as sponsorship can also involve companies providing goods or services. So, on this note, we simply want to say THANK YOU!

Official supporters, not just with money, because money isn't everything:

20% Rabatt für Soldaten und Veteranen

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